Monday, March 14, 2011

Life is good!

My poor Tali is not sure whether to accept the invitation to attend a magnet school or attend the nearby high school she knows she will be able to play on a semi-competitive volleyball team. I told her that in my experience...always go with education first because you don't always know if an injury can put you out of the game altogether! I sure hope I am giving her the best advice. As for Josh, well, only time will tell if you will out grow his rebellious teen years. I hope I can look back on these days and know with great certainty that he was just testing his limits and he came out GREAT! I guess all I can do for now is place him in God's hands and pray that he watch over him whenever I am not near. As a parent, I completely understand that he could be doing far worst, but I would also like it if he would just give me a little break from the stress and worrying. I sure do love this kid! He gave me roses and a card on Friday telling me how much he loves me and appreciates everything that we do for him! That did make my day...really my year!

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